About Photo Diary

People make memory planner to record their everyday life, even if there is no photo on that day, they write down maybe what they have done or what’s their feelings on the day, but I’m not a person who likes writing a diary.

What I like doing now is a photo diary, although this is not actually a diary, I’m just recording the days on which I have taken photos.

The notebook I use for the photo diary is bought from Taobao, it’s a hardcover notebook, with dotted acid-free 100g paper, which cost only RMB29.88, much cheaper than Moleskine. (Of course, you can use Moleskine if you are big fans)

They come in many colours, 186 pages are more than enough for one year for me but not for two years, so I use one for one-year photos.

In order to use it for a photo diary, I bought one at the very first for testing. It’s good if using Pentel Colour Brush, Zebra Touch Brush and Pilot G-2 for writing. If you love to have drawings on the page, I would suggest using colour pencils or watercolour, I normally use Faber Castell Big Brush or Distress Ink for watercolouring, will demo it for you in later posts.

Pens using for a photo diary

For stamping, Archival Ink is ok but don’t push too harsh on the page, otherwise, the ink will go through the paper, or you can cover photos or stickers to cover at the back. Distress ink works like Archival Ink. Chalk Ink is good for the papers but it needs a long time to dry completely, I don’t use always because I like to do a month of photos in an afternoon, I mostly use the Archival Ink.

Mini Archival Ink Pads with tin are super cool for storage

I don’t want the photo diary to be too bulky, Canon INSPIC photo stickers are great for me, just collecting my phone with Bluetooth and print. These photo stickers are thinner than normal, they also make it easier for me with just tear and stick. Or if you have another printer which can use photo sticker papers, that would be great too.

No ink is needed for this Canon Inspic photo printer

It’s up to you what kind of system to record your photos, memory planner or Traveler’s Notebook, you can even use an app with your mobile phone, I found some of them are easy to use and even you can print them out if you want.

In this digital century, you keep photos in your phone, though they are stored, actually, they will become no meaning, or even you forgot why you took that photo on that day, so that’s why scrapbooking is still beloved.

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