Christmas Village Mini Album

Christmas is coming, I love Christmas village, and love making decorative mini albums, so how about mixing?

This was one of the projects I made as a Graphic 45 design team a few years ago, this is my favourite project so far, and must be one of the displays every Christmas.

The first building with a rooftop
The two small buildings
The park with a Christmas tree

This village includes four parts, one is a building with a rooftop, two are simple buildings, and the last one is a park, which all fit in a rectangular wooden frame.

The explosion box inside the building with the rooftop
The envelopes and cards inside the explosion box

The rooftop house is an explosion box with a few envelopes and cards for photos on the left and right. In the middle, I decorated it with paper flowers like a bouquet.

The mini-album inside one of the small buildings

The two small buildings in the middle are simple hardcover mini albums, black cardstock pages with some decorated.

The accordion mini album under the park

The last one is the park. There is a Christmas tree and fence, the fence is made of coloured chipboard held with wire. The base of this park is an accordion mini album using black cardstock with some pages decorated like the two buildings in the middle of the village.

Here’s for you a video showing this Christmas village:

This album wasn’t made with great technic as you think, but only the details. You can try one too using an old photo frame, if that’s rectangular, you can do it like my side by side albums; if that’s a square frame, make four square buildings to fit inside.

Hope you like my Christmas village and check out my other projects from the menu, enjoy!

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