Photo Diary – This is the Life

A photo diary page about my first day at a new job in Mar2020, a selfie photo on the bus. I’d never had a job working 9 to 5 in the past 20 years, just to record this my first ever. I wore a pink jacket and this pretty mask on my first day, brew my hair straight and got ready for my new journey.

This is a simple page using a background stamp, a title stamp, washi tape and a small sticker. The mushroom washi tape and the small sticker I bought from Taobao, others are from my stash.

Can you see the date stamp? This is a date stamp written in Chinese, here in Hong Kong I can buy a date stamp in Chinese easily from a stationery shop, I think it’s super cool.

If you like keeping a layout sketch, here for you:

Photo Diary Sketch – This is the Life

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