Last Minute Christmas Decor

You have a lot of Christmas paper?

Every year you bought a new pack of Christmas paper to make Christmas cards but finally not done?

If both of the answers are yes, let’s get started now to make these tiny little houses to add fun to your Christmas decor!

I know it’s only a week to Christmas, but you can make a couple of these tiny little houses in an evening with the free template at the bottom of this post.

The side view
The front view

There are three types of houses in the template, you can use one or all of them. Download the PDF file and print on A4 paper, cut them out and trace on your beautiful Christmas paper collection, then cut.

Another taller version

For easy folding, you better put the template on top of your cut out shape and use a bone folder to mark the folding lines. Then fold the marks, use adhesive to fix the shape and done.

The smallest version of the houses

I put the houses next to my decor for display. Or if you like, you can make a hole in the top of a house, tie baker’s twine to make it as an ornament, or maybe a garland.

You can use some die-cuts from your paper collection together with the tiny house as an ornament

You can even make a bigger hole and insert a Christmas light bulb like this:

You can make a light bulb garland

There are so many possibilities and fun to play with these tiny little houses, and of course, it’s fast and easy, download the free template here, or click the below:

Have fun and remember to let me know how you use them. Merry Christmas!

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