Photo Diary Page – Mid-Autumn Festival

Today’s page including the 4-in-1 photo printout I said last time, they are clear enough to show some not very important photos, which are still worth putting into your page. 

Mid-Autumn Festival, need to stay at home because of the epidemic, but food and decorations for the celebration should not be ignored. The Lai See pocket goldfish was made by a volunteer, the rabbit lantern I got from my office, and the mooncake…… I forgot where this came from, haha!

On this page, I have my Meitu cutie Mid-Autumn decorated selfie on it, so don’t think that this kind of photo can show only on social media, it is great to put inside your photo diary too.

To match the cutie theme, I put the alphabet stickers casually, and some small stickers to fill the page. 

Here for you the sketch today:

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