Decorative Mini Album – Chinese New Year Star Lantern

(with step-by-step tutorial and free printable template)

Long time not making decorative mini albums, so I want to start with a simple one this year.

Chinese New Year is ahead, other than spring clean, I always love to place a few decorations afterwards.

Star mini album is a kind of easy-make decorative mini album, I think, especially if you have a template. If you are familiar with the method of making a star album, you can just click here to download the template right away, but don’t miss out on the last few steps and the short video tutorial on how to assemble.

The CNY Star Mini Album when closed

This Star CNY Mini Album I made with 8 sections, the number “8” got a hidden meaning of rich in Chinese, or of course you can choose to use fewer or more sections.

When I was designing this mini album, I wanted to have an all-in-one, which can be hung up when opened, or just displayed on a shelf when closed, and the most important is that the elements can be stored together.

Step by step:

  1. Steps for the sections

Ready materials for the sections, click here to download the template, and you will need one 12×12 paper for one section.

Cut out the template, trace on each 12×12 scrapbook paper, then cut them out, you need to cut out also the shaded section of the top layer.

After you cut out all layers, mix and match until you satisfy.

Section by section, adhere the layers together and make sure you adhere only the touching points as shown.

After finishing the sections, adhere them all together and finish as shown.

  1. Steps for the cover

Use the same base layer template for the cover, and ready one chipboard and one scrapbook paper.

Trace the template and cut, cut them into two parts for the front and back.

To give the chipboard edge with colours, I applied Distress Ink.

To form the star album, just adhere the covers and done.

  1. Steps for assembling to be a lantern

Materials for hanging and decorating are as shown, you can make your flowers and Chinese knot pendant, the most essential are the hook and loop tape.

You need two parts of flowers, adhere flowers on a section of hook and loop, one part on the hook and one part on the loop.

Pair the above with hook or loop tape separately, then adhere to the front cover of the star album (the right side shown). Then pair a section of hook or loop tape with one of that on the front cover, remember you need one only on the back cover of the album (the left side shown).

Tide two knots on the pendant, one knot for holding the flowers, and one knot for holding the star album.

You are nearly done, let’s watch below short video on how the star album change from close to open for hanging, and vice versa.

Click here to download the Star CNY Mini Album template, they are in actual size on A4 paper:

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