Photo Diary – Happy Birthday

The page today with four photos, two of them are full print-out size and the other two are 2in1 print out. You can see it’s still clear to see all the faces in the photo, and it still has space for me to write. 

Remember if you want to have a few photos on one page, try to arrange and overlap part of the photos to spare space for your writing and title, of course, and the date. 

The main theme on this page is a birthday, but it was also a clear moon that night, so I included this photo on the page as well. 

“I always buy birthday cakes downstairs and no surprise anyway, so I went to Town Centre to see any special today, luckily I bought I ‘box’ of Tiramisu. When I’m home, I found that I didn’t have any candles, so I asked Che Che B to buy them for me on the way she come to my house. Finally, she could only find the number candles in the stationery store and bought “2” and ”0”, this is the first time I have bought such kind of number candles, they are cute.”

Here is the sketch for today:

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