Photo Display – Thank You and Enjoy the Coffee

Making a photo display project as gift is enjoyable for me, or I can say the progress of making something from nothing is so enjoyable. I was originally planning to make something about Valentine’s Day, but a friend of mine asked me to make a gift for her boss’s retirement, I think it would be a great tutorial for you because this technique I have been using for a few projects already, it’s super cool to be used for all kinds of occasions, let’s join me to make one today, and of course, you can create one for Valentine’s Day the week after.

This is a kind of photo display in which you can see the photo when displaying, unlike the last tutorial on making a decorative mini-album (Chinese New Year Star Lantern, you can click the link here to check it out if you missed it) which you can only see the photo when you open it.

I love this photo display technique very much, because I can decorate it with different themes and papers for different occasions, will show you at last in the post the others theme I had made with this technique, as well together with the details of today’s project.

Step by step tutorial:

  1. This is the very first step, if you have a perfect spool for this project, skip the first few steps, if not, then prepare a toilet tissue roll and start. Choose a shape from your dies (you don’t need to have the same as mine), cut six pieces with chipboard, and four pieces of scrapbook paper for the top and the bottom of the spool, the die I used is Sizzix Bigz Die Snowflake #4. You can also hand cut circles in this step.

2. Glue the die-cuts into two sets as shown.

3. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper which wide enough to cover the tissue toilet roll, and leave half-inch margins on the top and the bottom. Put double-sided tape on the margins.

4. Cover the toilet tissue roll with scrapbook paper, then cut the top and the bottom margins as shown.

5. Adhere the toilet tissue rolls with the two sets of chipboard as shown, you have now the spool.

6. Then cut scrapbook papers for pages, one paper for two pages, height the same as the toilet tissue roll you have, I have the one 4inch. As I wanted to have pages in 3×4, including the half-inch in the middle for adhering onto the spool, the paper is 6-1/2” by 4”. Score them.

7. Adhere the pages onto the spool evenly, and the stand is finished.

It’s now your turn to decorate it and match your theme, here are some details of mine.

Here shows you also the other projects that are using the same spool technique, you can turn it into a calendar, a love letter, or whatever you like, let’s do it and let me know what you have made, enjoy!

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