Handmade Notebook – Where My Blogging Started

One day, I was scrolling my phone, and it showed up something called “side hustle”, it’s new to me so I started to read into it. It is a website with a lot of successful side hustle examples which I can listen to, every case is different and interesting, of course, some of them are not practical in Hong Kong, though it raised my interest to think of starting a side hustle myself.

My strength is handcrafting and scrapbooking, this must be the way I should go into. If you’ve read my page, you know that I was definitely not a one on running good a business, then I followed the method provided by the website, I listed out the pros and cons of different side hustle that I can do, like selling mini albums, selling encaustic art pieces, making stickers for downloads, selling felt flowers decorations, etc. And the most important thing is, that I should not and cannot invest a lot in this side hustle.

I finally decided to run a blog and see if it can be my side hustle, here is this blog, I think this is at the moment running within my expectation, it sound good, right? After I made my decision, I then started to search for useful tips on starting a side hustle blog, Pinterest of course is the first place to search for. I’ve read a few blogs about starting up a profitable blog, and quite a few are useful for me, but I wanted to read in detail and keep some of those useful forms, I need to print them out, and I wanted to make an A5 notebook for that.

I first saved the pages on a computer, and print them out as 2in1 on A4 papers side by side, then fold into half to make the pages. After grabbing all the useful pages, I made the front and back cover with chipboard and scrapbook papers, colour the edges with Distress Ink, and stacked and bound them with Cinch.

Because I wanted this notebook to be portable, I didn’t put too many embellishments on the cover. A5 is the notebook size that I like very much, this size is portable with readable content and good to write notes on it. Though you may think there are a lot of phone apps that can keep the pages for me and let me write notes, if you are 40+, you may also don’t like to read on the phone all the time.

Do you have topics want to make notes of and keep on paper? Let’s try to make a notebook like mine, it’s simple and fun.

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