Photo Diary – BDay @ Oct20

It’s my birthday!
That’s last year, I know I was far behind schedule with this photo diary, but I’m catching up!
My hubby likes to have birthday dinner without the kids, we went to Yuen Long for our dinner, we’ve been there several times already, the price is reasonable, and there is a quiet environment.

I used a double-page layout for 4 photos, including one 2in1 for the food, with only photos on the first page, one photo and my writing on the second page. You can see I used both capital letters and lowercase letters stickers for my title, just because I don’t have enough of either of them for the whole title, I think you may have the same problem, so don’t bother with how you use them, whatever you have, use them for your photo diary.

Here on the second page, you can see a photo of my digital drawings, I drew this on my iPhone app (Tayasui Sketches) when we were chatting and waiting for the food. It’s simple, with no colouring, but I like it, so I printed this out and included it on my page.

Like me? Do you draw sometimes but don’t want to share it on media? Save in your photo diary and have fun!

Here is the sketch for today:

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