Photo Diary – Spring Clean

Spring clean is a must for me every year, before Lunar New Year.

This year I wanted to clear the big “black hole” next to my bed, many many things stored there, including two briefcases, some old electronic appliances, and all of my scrapbooking and handcrafting stuff.

This was a big move for me because I needed to give up some of my lovely scrapbooking stuff and also find a place somewhere in the house for the rest, it’s not easy for sure.

To clear this big “black hole”, the cabinet, the shelve, and the table had to be removed. I first removed the shelve myself, then asked someone to remove the cabinet, it’s too heavy for me. This big move caused me nearly one month to finish, I gave the cabinet to someone who needs it, and I moved the long table to the living room, nearby the window, it’s a surprise for me that it looks super cool.

I love the change, I love my clean room, I love the long table in the living room so I can sit on the sofa, near the window, and read books.

Whatever if it is springtime, why not think of doing a clean-up with your room, it may surprise you!

Here is the sketch for today:

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