2022-23 Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador Audition #G45BACall2022

Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display Tutorial featuring

Graphic 45 Dreamland Collection Pack

Welcome to this Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display tutorial exclusively made for the 2022-23 Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador Audition, I am going to share with you a written tutorial for this project, together with a free template download and a video tutorial as well.

Here for you first, before the tutorial, the photo gallery of the Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display:

When making this Gas Lamp Display, you can choose not to put any photos, you can fussy cut more flowers or figures from the paper to decorate, and you can also hang some embellishments from the inside of the cover.

One more option for the project is that you can adhere the two parts together to hang it around your place, turn on the candle and it would be super cool.

Can’t wait to share with you how to make this Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display, let’s start and have fun!

~ G45 Dreamland Collection Pack
~ template printed on A4 paper
~ chipboard (1/16inch used in this tutorial)
~ electric candle
~ acetate
~ ribbons
~ border punch (optional)

Click here to download the Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display template, they are in actual size on A4 paper.

Step by step tutorial:

Forming the lamp body

  1. Ready your favourite Graphic 45 paper and print out the template on A4 paper.

2. Cut out the base template, trace, and cut 3pcs from chipboard. Adhere them all together with double-sided tape or glue.

3. Cut out the side template, trace, and cut 6pcs from acetate.

4. Prepare connecting strips. Cut paper strips at 1/4inch, adhere double-sided tape side by side, then score and fold with the gap.

5. Cut connecting strips to adhere all six pieces of acetate to the base.

6. Measure the circumference of the candle, cut a piece of connecting strip, and cut one side of the folded connecting strip like dogteeth. Put the candle into the hole of the base, and adhere the prepared connecting strip to hold the candle in place, as shown.

7. Use the base template again, trace, cut, and adhere the paper on the top of the base to cover the chipboard and connecting strips.

8. Cut connecting strips to adhere all the acetate together to form the lamp body.

Forming the lamp cover

9. Use the cover templates to trace and cut 6 pieces of chipboard, each.

10. Connect all the triangle chipboard with connecting strips except the last one.

11. Put ribbons through and adhere the ends inside of the cover, then finish adhere the last connecting strips.

12. Continue using the connecting strips to connect all the cover edges with the top, both the long and short sides. Here the shape of the gas lamp is done.

Finish the outlook

13. Cut paper with the cover template, and adhere to cover the chipboard inside the top.

14. Then the same as the edges of the top.

15. Then work out the bottom of the lamp, trace, and cut paper with the template. Apply Black Soot Distress Ink on the paper edges before sticking it on.

16. Cut paper strips at 9/16inch (that’s a little bit wider than the connecting strips), apply Distress Ink, adhere double-sided tape, and cut them into half (that’s six inches long) as shown.

17. Adhere the paper strips outside of the lamp body to cover the back of the connecting strips, and cut off the excess.

18. Cut a border from paper, and use a hot glue gun to adhere it to the bottom edge of the lamp body. Because the lamp body is not straight, this is the only part you need to use a hot glue gun, and you will see small gaps at the bottom.

19. Trace and cut 6 pieces of paper for the roof, apply Distress Ink, and adhere to the top of the cover.

20. Punch border strips for the cover edges, apply Distress Ink, and cut 6 pieces of the same length of the cover edges.

21. Fussy cut border from paper, apply Distress Ink.

22. Adhere the punch out at the top half of the edges, and then the lower border with double-sided tape or glue, as shown. OK then, you are nearly there.


23. Here go to my favourite part, you can start now to decorate the gas lamp with fussy cuts and embellishments.

If you would like to have a video tutorial, please check this out:

Thank you so much for going through this 2022-23 Graphic 45 Brand Ambassador Audition tutorial, you can check out some of my projects which had been done for Graphic 45 Design Team 2015-16 here, and other photo display projects here as well, please feel free to send me comments or questions about making this project, enjoy!

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