Photo Diary – My Fave Reading

Babylon collection is always my fave reading, though I’m not always reading fiction.

The first one I read is Air Babylon, I bought it in the airport while I was working there years ago, it’s super fun and awesome, I can’t stop buying another one after then. I bought a few from a second-hand website, it’s only a buck or two each, and I’m now reading Wedding Babylon, still a super one, I love it!

The page I show you today is a simple one, with one hand-drawn frame under the photo for me to write the title and the sub-title (I know my handwriting needs to be improved, ha). 

I used washi tape underneath which cross over the two pages, and I stamped a sentence by the right lower corner several times to make the page more lively (this is one of my favourtie techniques using on my pages), as well the little circle stickers. After all this, I still have enough space for me to write.

Let me know how’s your page and here is the sketch for today:

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