Photo Diary – Star of 25June, Happy Birthday

This is a four photos spread page, I’m happy with the colourful “Happy Birthday” and also the “6.25” stickers headings.

6.25 is the birthday of my girl of 14 and a brother-in-law, we always celebrate it together also with the 7.1 birthday sister-in-law, doing a family party. My family loves to have pizzas, salad, and chicken wings as the musts at the party, this year my sister-in-law cooked some mussels and pasta, she also bought some parma ham for me (though it’s not my birthday), that’s my fave!!!

These colourful alpha stickers are from an old special edition Project Life kit, they are super cool, and came with around 10 colours with 2-3 sheets each. I used them a lot on my photo display pages, and for sure they adhere more secure in the long term than acid-free paper stickers.

Here is the sketch for today:

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