Photo Diary – Cupcakes vs Birthday Cake

I needed to go to Admiralty with my mum for a doctor’s appointment, and it’s my girl’s birthday. I didn’t have any idea what kind of cake I should choose for my girl, there are not many choices downstairs in my place.

When I passed by the shops inside a shopping mall in Admiralty, I saw these beautiful cupcakes that seem delicious, so I thought I should buy these for my girl and my family as birthday cakes, rather than traditional ones.

All these beautiful cupcakes look similar, I stood there for over 10 minutes choosing the flavour, and took photos in case I forgot what is what, LOL!

I am pleased to have them for my girl’s special day, they are beautiful and delicious, not sweet as traditional cupcakes, if you would like to try them, click here for the shop details, they have shops in Admiralty and Causeway Bay:

Here is the sketch for today:

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