Daphne’s Diary – My Favourite Magazine for Inspiration

Every time when I want to start a new project, I would normally go to Pinterest and search for something.

It is easy if I plan to make a project about a festival, just searching for like “Chinese New Year”, “Christmas” or something like that. But If I just want to start a new project without any idea, that would be a tough search, I may look for “vintage”, and there they come out millions of results about vintage, then I would just scroll and scroll and look for anything which attracts me.

The other place that I would search for an idea is reading my favourite magazines – Daphne’s Diary.

Daphne’s Diary – my favourite magazine for inspiration

This is a Dutch magazine but coming in few languages, I read the English one of course. I first one I have (a copy of 2014) is from a Hong Kong bookstore, it is so beautiful and inspirational, it is all about DIY, vintage, interior, trip and some other topics, I fall in love with this magazine.

They issue 8 copies a year, but it is not easy for me to buy one in Hong Kong because the bookstore only imports a few copies and I can’t have one if I didn’t go for it on time, it’s sad.

Years before, one of my friends said she can ask her brother who lives in London to help me to buy the magazines, and bring them to her when he come to Hong Kong, what a piece of great news for me, and finally he brought me four copies.

During these two years of the epidemic, he can’t come to Hong Kong, so I can only go and take a look on the website to see how much they charge for sending the magazine to Hong Kong. I found that they have a value offer of a bunch of last year’s copies, and charging about only twenty pounds for mail, the deal is super cool and so I placed the order. The photo above is the eight copies of last year’s magazine which came together with some gifts, so lovely!

My 25 copies of Daphne’s Diary

I only have 25 copies so far, but they are all beautiful and I love love love them so much! When I have nothing to do in the evening, I would definitely get one and read, sitting on the sofa, tasting my coffee and get some inspiration, wow, that’s life, LOL!

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