Photo Diary – My First Korean Drama

I don’t like Korean dramas before, I thought they are all old-school in content and style until a watched a Korean Movie, More Than Blue. It shocked me and I started to pay more attention to the Korean movies and dramas, I scrolled through Facebook Watch one day, it showed me a trailer of this Korean drama – I’m not a Robot, I had been attracted and this was then my first ever watched Korean Drama.

I screenshotted the Google search as I wanted to memorize this like other people who like to write film reports, but I just want to keep it in mind.

This tiny sticker are made in Korea, they are cute and very easy to be used on a diary, notebook, schedule, or like me, on my photo diary page, you can find them on Amazon. They are mostly themed, like dishes, coffee, city……many many, they are really such too cute and I highly recommend you to have some in stash.

Here is the sketch for today:

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