Photo Diary – Sweaty

It’s a super hot day!

The idea to go for a walk during the summer makes me in a muddle. When you are sitting in the air-conditioned living room, the hot weather outside would stop me to move, but on the other side, I know that it’s super cool to get sweaty after a walk, it feels like I lose a few pounds afterwards, LOL!

This was my first time taking a selfie after a walk, I like it because it seems that I am so energetic.

On this page, I made my first sticker by using the Tayasui Sketches app on my iPhone, I drew the cartoon and print it out on a sticker sheet. Of course, some of you may think that you can draw directly on the page, but that’s so easy to draw on the phone wherever you are, just use your finger and don’t need to place all the drawing tools on the table.

You can make a smaller one than mine, or even save it for the future, reprint again in different sizes, it’s satisfying, why don’t you try one today?

Here is the sketch for today:

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