How do I plan my project?

Starting a project is not easy, last time I talked about I got inspiration on Pinterest and my favourite magazine Daphne’s Diary, but how about then? Today I am going to show you my notes on how I plan for my Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display.

This was my first draft, I saw some photos with a gas lamp on Pinterest, so I draft one or two in my notebook to catch the idea. As I wanted to include an electric candle in the project too, I roughly planned where to put it on the draft as well.

After a day of thinking about the technical issue in making the gas lamp, I thought that the first idea couldn’t be done, so I draft another more practical idea and start thinking about the details. On the right-hand side, you can see that I was trying the actual size in my notebook, I need this for making my template.

More details had been written on the next page after I confirmed the idea and that is practical, like how to put the electric candle and how to assemble it, I need to make it clear before I start making it.

Ok then, more practical issues had been solved and you can see the last page, this showed exactly the shape of the gas lamp and here I go start making it!

If you missed my tutorial on making this Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display, click here and enjoy!

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