New Hobby – Encaustic, My First Ever Encaustic Painting

I fell in love with encaustic paintings when I first saw them on Pinterest, they are so sexy, so romantic and unique. I couldn’t stop myself to search for more information about encaustic online, I wanted to get some encaustic paints and tools but I couldn’t find anything in Hong Kong.

I was so upset, then I thought about candles and wax seals. It’s comparatively more easy to find candles and wax seals in Hong Kong, or I can even buy them from Taobao, and of course, relatively cheaper.

First, I bought a few different colours of wax seals from a local stationery store, red, gold and bronze. I couldn’t wait to try them on the night I bought them, and the first thing I tried is to paint a flower.

I’m not good at drawing or painting, and encaustic is even more difficult than that. I have to be careful with the hot wax, I have to paint fast because the wax seals become hard in short, but I love this challenge, I love the result, I love so much the uniqueness, and I’m falling in love with encaustic!

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