Using Stencil in Photo Diary

There are so many things that I can play with to fill my photo diary pages, using stencils is one of them.

I have a stuck of Tim Holtz stencils but I don’t always play mixed media, of course they are not only for mixed media projects, or maybe just because I am lazy to get them out to play.

On this spread page, I used the stencil in the middle, the pattern shows on both pages, although the photos are not on the same date.

About the photos, when I was still on my sick leave after an operation, I had nothing to do at home but found something I didn’t finish before – a drawing. I followed a photo I took to draw this, years ago, with a pencil, I wanted to paint it with watercolour, but I left it behind on the bookshelf. During this “long holiday”, I needed to take a rest, but I can’t sleep for a whole day, I take the sketchbook out and I thought at least draw the lines before colour. Ok then…….I drew the lines, and the sketchbook is now on the bookshelf again, LOL!

Another photo I took on next day, that’s raining cats and dogs outside. I like walking with heavy rain, this may be because I worked in the airport before, I needed to work outdoor and there was no choice if I need to work on rainy or windy days, it seems that I can have fresh air under the rain. Now, I still love walking with the rain, not under the rain of course, so I chose to go downstairs for lunch myself on that day, and taste the fresh air which I love.

If you love this layout, here is the sketch for you to save:

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