Photo Diary – Countdown

A 12-photo double page! This is a new try for me not to write paragraphs on my photo diary page.

There are a lot of photos taken on the night of countdown, I want to include most of them in my photo diary but not in full 3×2 photo paper, so I printed quite a few of them with 2in1.

On that day of 31st December 2021, my hubby suddenly asked me to go to Central to countdown, we had never done this before because I’m not comfortable with so many people now, may be I’m getting old. This is the first invitation from my hubby, so I agreed, it’s also the first time we go countdown with my girl.

It’s happy to see people drinking, chatting and waiting for the countdown during this epidemic, it has been a long time going downtown. I was happy to see a bit of fireworks at least, and the train station exhibition inside the shopping mall.

You may think that the page is quite messy, but it works for 12 photos, here is the sketch for you:

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