Not a Good Practice – Photo Diary of the Last Two Years

In the above photo, you can see my two last years’ photo diary, the right one is for 2021, what happened?

You may watch a lot of videos about junk journals or bullet journals, they always like to arrange a few papers on a page to make it lovely and attractive.

I followed and used a lot of paper and stickers in this 2021 photo diary to decorate the pages, though the pages are good-looking, the result is not. This is not a good practice, for me.

The bulky look is not what I wanted, I don’t really like my photo diary like this, so I plan to add more drawings and illustrations in my next photo diary, and this would be good for me to practice more on drawings.

I am going to search for some online tutorials on how to start illustration now, hopefully I can have something to show you this month this year, LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!

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