Popsicle Photo Display #G45Summer #G45BrandAmbassador

It’s a perfect time to do a project for #G45Summer, everywhere is super hot these days, here we have over 36degree in Hong Kong, believe that a popsicle cannot be ignored this summer.

I designed this Popsicle Photo Display to celebrate the summer coming, if you would love to start making one, please download the template and check out the video tutorial, but I didn’t prepare a written tutorial this time because the swing photos are difficult to explain in words.

I love including some movable elements in my projects, you can check out my Gas Lamp Scenery (Photo) Display and Perfume Bottle Scenery (Photo) Display in the previous posts. This time, the theme is summer, I want the photo display to be more cute and young, so I found the Graphic45 Ephemera Queen Collection, the colours of the collection are bold and bright, they are perfect for a summer project. If you don’t have this collection, you can try Mother Goose Deluxe Collector’s Edition, there are bright yellow, green, orange and blue papers that also fit this Popsicle Photo Display.

The shells and beads are from my stash, some of the shells are picked up from the beach when we went to Cheung Chau, this for sure is a happy memory and great to include in the Popsicle Photo Display.

The photos can be swung in this Popsicle Photo Display, and they need chipboard and brads to make, if you just want to see how it makes, move forward to 13:20 of the YouTube video below, or let’s get started to celebrate summer with making this project:

Graphic 45 Supply List:
Ephemera Queen 12×12 Paper Pack Collection
Ephemera Queen 12×12 Patterns & Solids Paper Pack (Optional)
Ephemera Queen Die-cut Assortment
Ink Pads (Optional)

Other Materials I used:
Shells (Optional)
Tiny Glass Beads (Optional, can use sand or other suitable materials instead)

If you want to make one, please download the template here and check out my YouTube video tutorial:

Happy summer and enjoy!

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