A Good Start – Photo Diary

Finally, I have my 2022 Photo Diary starting in the middle of the year!

After experiencing last year’s bulky photo diary, I decided to put less paper and draw more this year. I restricted myself to putting only one paper on a page, adding some washi tape and leaving a blank for the rest, or, drawing something.

The first page of 2022 is about food.

Every year, Hong Kong Mcdonald’s runs a campaign of “All Day Breakfast” on the 1st of January, which means you can order any breakfast set on this whole day. I’m a big fan of their all-in-one Jumbo Breakfast Set, I can have all my fave with only one breakfast set, and, this is a perfect day for me to taste it because my helper takes her day off this New Year’s Day, hahaha!

This drawing is also a good start for me, anyway, on my first page, I used Big Brush to paint.

I know my drawings are not good, so I am now thinking and searching for something about illustration to learn, will let you know how I go in learning illustration later.

Here is the sketch for today:

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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