Once a Several Years – Photo Diary

Chinese New Year in February this year, I really wanted to change my hairstyle, sitting in a salon for a whole day is a fact that I really wanted to take a record with a photo and on my photo diary page.

I took this photo and sent it to the elderly which I taught before showing them my ‘smart’ look, ha!

I don’t know how long can I stay with this hairstyle, but I will try to keep it until summer, at least, because I can’t have my hair don’t tie-up in the summer, it’s super hot, right?

This is a page without any drawing because I wanted to keep the focus on my face, but I keep my promise of putting only one piece of paper on a page, with a few stickers, it looks good to just make it simple.

Here is the sketch for today:

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!


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