Smart and Packing – Photo Diary Double Page

I tiered a piece of paper into two and used them for this double page as a background.

On this page, photos of two different days are included, this layout is also good for a double-page layout with four or five photos.

On a day before Chinese New Year, my friend sent a photo of my mom, saying that she went and get the lucky words poster in the shopping centre downstairs, seems that she is very smart. But I think maybe someone told her to get it and she just followed the people’s steps, I believe that she didn’t know what she got, and later I found that the posters are in her house but not hanging on the wall anyway.

The three funny photos of my girl are arranged on the page in sequence, it’s good to put them in a line so everyone knows they are in a timeline.

My girl loves very much hiding in carton boxes when she was small, and until now, she still loves to do this. This day my helper needed to pack her things and send them to the Philippines, the box is very big and can have two people hiding inside. My helper went inside to arrange her things and my girl just look at the side at first, then I asked her to go inside and take a photo because she loved to do this when she was small, she laughed and went inside. After I took the photo, she stayed inside the box and played for a moment…… that’s why, I know you love it, LOL!

Here is the sketch for today:

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