Tall and Strong – Photo Diary

We have a new air-con!

The old air-con is as old as my girl, it was installed when we bought this house before my girl was born. The summer weather of Hong Kong is hot and we nearly have our air-con on starting from May to October 24/7, the old air-con is a big consumption of electricity, I paid nearly 1/8 of my salary for the electricity bill every month during the summer!

Today there were two men came to my house and installed a new air-con for our living room, the two men are very tall and strong, they even didn’t need stairs to help take out the old air-con, I couldn’t stop myself to take a photo and sent to my hubby (because he bought the air-con, I took a photo and report to him).

I drew an arm on this page to make the theme more strong, I used the same set of watercolour pastels as last time, they are easy to use, and with nice colours.

After drawing the arm, I put a few small stickers at the bottom of the page to finish it.

Here is the sketch for today:

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