Together – Photo Diary

Not only Chinese New Year, but Chinese New Year’s Eve is also a great time to get together with our families.

On this night of Chinese New Year’s Eve, I had my mother, sister-in-law and her husband in my house to have dinner together, I ordered a Big Bowl Feast for us and asked my helper to boil soup and rice.

This kind of Big Bowl Feast is good for me to prepare this Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner because I don’t need to plan for my helper what she needs to cook, just simply order and take away, and less food wastage.

On this day, I also opened one of my collections – a pair of chopsticks, with my favourite cartoon, to welcome the New Year, ha, need to take a photo to memorize.

On this double page, I put four photos and only two pieces of paper for the background. On top of the photos, I added a few washi tape and stickers for decoration. Other than all these, I copied the sweet soup photos as drawing in the lower right corner to practice and decorate. The drawing is a fast one, I used watercolour pastels with not much detail. You can see my reels recording my progress in making this page here:

And here is the sketch for today:

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Photo Diary!

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