Pay New Year Greetings – Photo Diary

I have started a new online course about bullet journaling and learned about the grid spacing on a notebook page, so I used the same method and tried it on my photo diary pages.

This is the first page that I tried using the grid spacing method.

I love the result of this organized page, it’s neat and clear, I can clearly see the title and the content, and of course, it would be good to keep my photo diary notebook not bulky at the end of this year.

Pay New Year greetings is essential in Chinese society, every year my family of four have to go to my hubby’s brother who lives in Kowloon for paying New Year greetings. This year, we had to go to one more place, also my hubby’s brother who lives in Tsuen Wan.

When we arrived in Tsuen Wan, it was just lunchtime, we found a noodle shop not many people, because of the epidemic. It was really a good time for the four of us seated together and have lunch.

In the evening, we went home and my hubby’s sister came for paying New Year greetings, ha, yes, for Chinese, people are going and coming for this, here and there around Hong Kong.

She brought us some puddings with CNY good fortune wordings on them, they are delicious, I felt so blessed to taste such newbies during CNY.

Here is the sketch for today:

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Photo Diary!

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