Coffee Time Quick Sketch

I went to Causeway Bay for my yearly body check on a weekday morning. This was a good morning and I planned to buy a coffee cup from Loveramics in Causeway Bay after the body check, but the shop didn’t open yet when I arrived, I needed to find a coffee shop to stay a moment and wait for the shop to open.

I felt comfortable when I found a coffee shop facing the road, I love watching people passing through, and this time I got the idea to try some quick sketches with my iPhone app Tayasui Sketches, without taking a photo before hands.

It was a super fun experience for me, I never try this before. And of course, this is also a very good practice for me to start my illustration journey. Quick sketching people let me look more deeply at people’s special identities, and draw very fast on my iPhone focusing on only the special thing of that person. I don’t really like a realistic drawing style, so this kind of quick sketching is somehow my favourite at the moment.

I hope that I can have more me time to do some quick sketching like that morning, and I really encourage you to do this if you are also interested in trying illustration.

Thank you for stopping by!


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