Starting a Bullet Journal

This is not new for me to buy a schedule or notebook and start my journey of making a schedule or planning, but every time I gave up after about two months, I got back to my phone for scheduling.

Last time I said I wanted to enhance my drawing/illustration skills, and joined an online course, this time my Facebook popped up another online course called “Creative Bullet Journalling for Productivity”, it sounds great, and after watching the information and the introduction video, it seems that I like the style and the content really can help me starting my bullet journal, then I joined it.

The length of the videos is perfect for me to watch in the morning when everyone is out, and just before I go to work.

Okay, let’s get started, I followed the videos and started the first page of grid spacing cheat sheet (I’ve mentioned it on my photo diary page), it sounds interesting because I’ve never heard of it.

I grabbed my pens and ruler and start the page, it was coming out cool, I also practised my hand lettering on the page which teach in this online course as well.

Here and now, I have the passion to start my bullet journal, and looking forward to seeing what I can do with this bullet journal with the guidance of this Domestika online course.

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Bullet Journaling!

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