Unboxing Live From Philippines – Photo Diary

A month before my helper sent two big boxes to the Philippines for her family, she finally got a call from them talking about the two boxes, and gave my helper an unboxing live, LOL!

For this page, I used a 4 parts grid spacing, photo on the lower left, decoration on the upper right, title on the lower right, and my story on the upper left. I stopped here and found that the white space on the lower right is too much, I thought of putting some more decorations there.

I don’t want to put more stickers and I can’t find a piece of paper which match and I like, so finally, I drew something, this is what I wanted to do at the beginning of this photo diary, though the drawing is simple, practice makes perfect, I believe, right?

Here is the sketch for today:

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Enjoy Photo Diary!

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