Page Setup – Bullet Journal

There are a lot of page styles that I can choose from, this is the second assignment from the Domestika online course.

I don’t talk about what kind of pages can be used in a bullet journal, as you can find tons of them from Pinterest or Instagram, but I first chose to include the pen swatches to test my pens.

I have with me a few colours of ZIG Fudebiyori and a few sets of Zebra Mildliner. The ZIG is water-based dye ink, that can be used as watercolour, and their ink is famous for not going through regular paper, so it would be perfect for my 160g dotted notebook.

I saw many posts on Instagram using Zebra Mildliner on their bullet journal, the colours are great, but may not be good enough for colouring, if I need to have a good result, may need to colour a few layers.

The second page that I chose to include in my bullet journal is a hand lettering quote page, as I mentioned before that the online course also taught about hand lettering, this is the first time that I can successfully practice hand lettering and I feel satisfied.

This is very good progress to find a quote I like, I can find a lot of quotes from Pinterest, and I feel I’ve read a book on mindfulness. After a day of searching, I found this quote – little progress each day adds up to big results – is the best and matches what I need to keep in mind, this fits not only on the bullet journal but all.

I’m now watching the next video of the online course, let’s show you what my “little progress” is next time!

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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