Work From Home – Photo Diary

Love so much the grid spacing method, now I have my page planned, not many papers, neat and clean.

It’s my turn to work from home finally, while many companies already started for weeks because of the epidemic. This is not a good practice because it’s quite boring, no need to answer any calls and just need to stand by for any clerical or design work.

But I found something to do – reading. I love to use an app called “HyRead” which can link up to Hong Kong Public Library Digital Books, if you don’t need to find those new publications, I think this is a good app to find some books to read for free. During this period of working from home, I found some books about Adobe Photoshop in the app, I could simply put the tablet next to the computer and follow the book, together with a cup of coffee, so cool!

On this page, I used only the middle section of the page, divided into three sections from top to bottom, photo in the middle, title on the top and my words at the bottom. To add some more interest to the page, I drew a doodle of the tablet in the lower right corner, simple with no colouring.

What did you do when you were working from home during the epidemic? Let me know……

Here is the sketch for today:

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Photo Diary!

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