Yearly Tracker – Bullet Journal

After finishing my two introductory pages, I needed to research what kind of tracker I wanted to include in my bullet journal. There are tons of trackers that I can choose to use for my bullet journal, the only thing I know is that I want to have some yearly trackers right before the monthly spread.

Honestly, I don’t always read books, but I really want to have a good habit of reading books, whether in Chinese or in English, so the first page I chose is “My Bookshelf”. I followed what the Domestika online course taught, I wrote the title and drew the two shelves, but I didn’t copy the illustration.

I didn’t want to draw so many things because I’m afraid I will give up if I make this bullet journal too complicated and difficult to go ahead weak by weak. Then I search on Pinterest and only chose two items to be included on my tracker page, a flower pot and a photo frame, I drew faces of my family inside the frame as well. I’m happy with that.

Another yearly tracker I chose is “Movie to Watch”, which actually includes films and series of dramas I want to watch. I found that some of the people love to draw about the film on this page instead of including the printout, I think this might be too consuming, and the grid I planned is too small for me, I’m not going to draw on this page, but only the popcorn doodle. By the way, I love my hand-lettering title, LOL!

Okay, I think I’ve finished one chapter of the Domestika online course, it’s time to go to the next.

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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