Every Flavour Beans #G45BrandAmbassador @Graphic45

About Halloween, I think of Harry Potter. I’m quite a Harry Potter fan, during this season, I want to make something about Halloween and if that is related to Harry Potter would be perfect.

This is a simple project in which you need only a pack of Graphic 45 Charmed 8×8, acetate and the template, but I’m so sorry that I can’t find any beans near my place, so I only can put some candies inside for the shots.

I put only simple fuzzy cuts on the box near the windows for decoration because I wanted this example for you to make a few more for kids during the Halloween Trick or Treat, or for your Halloween party. If you have stickers or assortment pieces from this collection, just simply stick them on to finish it, that should be easier than fuzzy cut.

I used the strip pattern paper on this project because that’s more similar to the original Harry Potter Every Flavour Beans, you can use other kinds of colour or pattern papers as you like if you need to make a few more.

Okay, let’s start to make your one now, click here to download the template:

And of course here for you the short tutorial video for you:

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Happy Papercrafting!

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