Vision Board – Bullet Journal

Don’ t know if these are my vision, but I feel inspired.

Following the Domeatika online course, I prepared this page of “Vision Board”, about vision, many people may think about something like getting healthy, more exercises…… but from the start of this year, I have a plan already, so I guess I don’t need to include in this vision board.

You may read my post “Illustration – A New Start”, I want to practice illustration, and I always search for inspiration online or from Pinterest. While preparing this vision board page, I mostly searched for different illustration styles, as I am still searching for my own.

I didn’t follow the layout example of the online course, but I started to find my style for the bullet journal and have a few illustration practices on the page as well, ending as a result I love this page so much, yes, because this is my journal, right?

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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