October 2022 Monthly Spread – Bullet Journal

The bullet journal is quite a freestyle planner system, you can have your own colours, your own page arrangement, or even you can have your own kind of illustration inside the bullet journal.

I love this kind of planner system because I can use freely, I can put some tracker pages wherever I like, and I really want to have somewhere I can practice my illustration, so a bullet journal is perfect for me.

I started to prepare this bullet journal in September, so I planned to start using it in October. The above photos are the front page of my bullet journal October monthly spread, the left is the content planner, and the right is the feature page.

After I wrote the title and filled in the dates, I really didn’t know what to draw, though the Domestika online course taught me to set every month with a different theme. I searched Pinterest for some ideas and finally, I had this page done, a simple watercolour page, and I’m planning to have this month’s theme in purple, this may be more easy for me.

I hope to have a good start with this bullet journal and help improve my productivity.

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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