Isolation Order – Photo Diary

While everyone was doing online classes and working from home, my girl told me she got a fever after she woke up, one day. This was the period that should be no one got flu, but only Covid, I needed to take it seriously.

I took a quick test for her and, as expected, she got Covid, she needed to be isolated. I couldn’t leave her in her room because she is having the same room with my helper, and of course, I couldn’t leave my helper in the living room to sleep, I needed to think very fast to solve this problem. And finally, I decided to let my girl occupy the living room, so she sleeps on the sofa, has meals and has her online classes on her own table, not leaving the area except going to the toilet, and no one can go in the area other than giving her meals.

During that period, I needed to stay at home all day and finally got Covid as well, but luckily I don’t have any symptoms. So, then, what I can do all day long? The best thing I thought of, to use the time was to watch episodes, LOL!!!

I asked my girl to take a photo of my “perfect” post when I was watching the episodes, and this post was also perfect for me to get my weight, until …… 75.9KGs …… OMG!!! This must be the signal for me to start a diet…..

On this page, I used also the grid spacing method with 6-grid per page, and I have my title cross over the two pages, the two photos in the middle, the paragraphs at the two bottom corners, and the decorations in the other grids. I’m still very happy with this grid spacing method, this makes my page clean and tidy.

Here is the sketch for today:

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Photo Diary!

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