October Tracker Pages – Bullet Journal

Starting the month of October, I want to add a few tracker pages in my bullet journal, this is very personal, and I need to find my way and what is really suitable for my lifestyle.

As usual, searching on Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, there are tones of them, but I want to find something simple, I don’t want to have a page full of illustrations or stickers, I need something practical and I don’t need a lot of time to decorate it.

Finally, I chose this format for my habit tracker page, I think this is good for me because I need only to fill up the boxes, all the habits of the day are in the same horizontal line, and I can see some of the lazy days which I didn’t do anything, ha!

I used one page for the habit tracker, so the page on the right has to be filled up with something else. From the Domestika online course by Doodlelou, there is a kind of page called “Brain Dump”, this idea is quite good for me, but I changed it a bit to fit my style. I change my page to “Illustration/Project Ideas” so I can just drop my ideas for the next Graphic 45 project or quote illustration.

On these two pages, I added a coffee mug and some leaves to decorate the white space and used the ZIG Fudebiyori brush pens for simple colouring. The brush pens do seem not perfect for this kind of colouring on this kind of paper, but good for hand lettering, a good trial anyway.

After the habit tracker and ideas page, inspired by Doodlelou’s ideas, I have a spread page for me to practice illustration, this would be perfect for me to find what I like to draw and what I’m good at, a small square a day is a very good start for me, just scroll through the Pinterest or YouTube, following some of the samples and tutorials, and, of course, to enjoy the practice.

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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