October 2022 Weekly Spread – Bullet Journal

I have no idea what the theme for October weekly spread should be, so I made it simple, just using purple as this month’s theme.

At the very beginning of this bullet journal, I told myself that I should make it simple as I may give up very easily, so I used only 4-grid spacing on these two pages for my ever first weekly spread with three illustrations, not more.

For the second weekly spread, I used again the 4-grid spacing layout but added a little bit more this time, I drew the round-corner boxes and six illustrations on the page, and still the purple month theme.

In this second week, I felt more comfortable with the layout planning, and also the illustration practices, okay, let’s keep this on.

Wow, I kept this bullet journal going to the third week, that was amazing for me! So I tried another kind of monthly spread layout for this third week, leaving the middle section of the cross page blank. It’s interesting to have a big space in the middle, but it also scares me because I don’t know what to draw.

For this large space, I know I can draw a scene and I immediately think of the scene when I went to Causeway Bay, and I did draw a few quick sketches that morning, you can take a look at my sketches here.

I included the sketches in this scene, and I use the ZIG Fudebiyori as means to colour this illustration. This is definitely a new try for me and it’s fun, it’s a good illustration practice as well as a good colour testing. I am looking forward to seeing what next I can do with this bullet journal.

After the third week of bujo, I had more confidence in it and wanted to try more. I then tried another layout for the fourth-week bujo, and I loved it!

This is also a four-grid spacing, but from up to down in the middle of the spread page, leaving the two sides blank for the title and illustration. On the left blank, I put the title, the month and the to-do list, on the right with a watercolour illustration.

This is a scene of a lunch when I’d been in Causeway Bay, showing a cup of coffee and a plate of all-day breakfast with green salad, I used the Sakura Koi Watercolour pan set for colouring on this page, and this is exactly what I like and love to do with, not just only doodle.

After having this the fourth week of October, I have in my mind what I want for this bullet journal, or what I want to practice for illustration, but still need to find my style and what I want to illustrate, keep it on, yeah!

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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