November 2022 Tracker – Bullet Journal

Following the last month, I still have the habit tracker, illustration/project ideas and the “practice make perfect” tracker spread pages for this month, but the difference is that I mentioned in the last bullet journal post, I don’t like using the bullet journal in a vertical way, so the same with these two spread page on trackers.

I spread the habit tracker across the two pages, in about half the month per page, leaving the right blank for illustrations. In the lower part of the spread, I put six boxes for my ideas, these ideas may not be the finals, but at least I have a place to drop off my initial ideas.

Turquoise is the main colour of this month, so do the hand lettering and filling in the boxes of the habit tracker. I’m still not very confident with my hand lettering, but it doesn’t matter, it’s a very platform to practice with my bullet journal.

There is no complicated illustration on the habit tracker spread, but the colour wheel and the giant wooden clip is the things I saw in a restaurant when I was having my lunch in Causeway Bay, these are draft on these pages when I was sitting in the restaurant. I love the vintage colours of the colour wheel, it was shown on one of the posters inside the restaurant, I couldn’t stop myself to include it in my bullet journal.

The next tracker spread is, of course, the “practice make perfect”, I did say that I love so much this spread and this is a must in the following months.

I drafted also this lamp post when I was sitting in the restaurant, having my lunch. I’ve read a lot of posts that people sitting in the coffee shop and having their illustrations done, I thought that is impossible, before, but now I feel it. It was so much fun to have my illustration on the site, I know I can’t finish it with also the colouring, but it is still amazing! I’m dreaming if I can have a chance to sit in a coffee shop and have my illustration finished, maybe one day, maybe during a vacation, wow!

You may ask why I have the boxes filled in with colours, and not yet 24th? Yes, I’m not following the rules of one practice per day, but I may do a few practices at one time when I am free. The watercolour practice you see in the photos is done when I was watching a YouTube tutorial teaching watercolouring for beginners, it’s great for me because I’d never had proper training in watercolour, hope this can improve my skills and have the watercolour control better.

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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