November 2022 Weekly Spread – Bullet Journal

Playing with my bullet journal is now my daily routine, I love to open it every day, fill in my tracker and review my tasks.

I found that the up-to-down four-grid spacing method was perfect for me last month, so here comes the November monthly spread, I basically use all with identical layout, leaving the right-hand side for illustrations, and I tried to use different kinds of labels for each of the boxes.

Week 1

The first week of November, not surprisingly, used the up-to-down four-grid spacing layout, I drew a cup of milk tea on the right space to fill up the page.

I used this cup when I was in the restaurant in Causeway Bay having my lunch there, I love very much this cup with the Chinese word “happy” on it, it is in red, I can feel joyful when I was drinking my cup of milk tea.

This cup is really special, I can’t stop myself to take photos of it, and drafting them in my bullet journal, as well, I really enjoyed that moment of freedom.

I didn’t have my watercolour with me on that day, and that is not really comfortable to do watercolour in a restaurant, occupying their table for not eating food, in Hong Kong, I think that they might kick me out, ha!

Milk tea is my favourite drink in Hong Kong when I am going to a local restaurant, and must be in Hong Kong style, and I love the one with condensed milk added, the taste and the texture are super good.

Week 2

In the second week of November bujo, I used the same layout, but with different labels for the boxes. I love very much using the white pen to write over dark colours, the dates are popped and clear.

I drew a character on this page, which is a man I saw in the restaurant, looking at his phone and smoking. Character drawing is always my most weakness item, I want to learn, but I know that that is super difficult, I think that there should be other things I can learn and practice, so I just want to give it a try on this page, and it turns out ok (la), LOL!

Drawing on bullet journals is always a good start for me because they are not blank pages, I just need to fill up the small area of white space with illustrations, I don’t need to fear a completely blank page of sketchbooks, or I don’t need to care about wasting money drawing on good quality watercolour sketchbooks.

Week 3

Sometimes no colouring is also good.

You might think I was lazy in this week 3, but I was not.

This is one of the exercises from another Domestika online course called “Colorful City Portraits: Illustrate Your Favorite Place”, learning how to illustrate a city with unique buildings, mixing analogue and digital drawing methods. I have done something like this before, but not in a professional way. This is a good chance for me to learn something I can use in my work, and give myself more motivation to start learning Photoshop.

The shops I illustrated here are located in Sai Ying Pun, a whole street of big and small cafes and cuisines. I followed what the course said, take some photos of the shops, better in a 2D way, and save them for future illustration.

This exercise is just perfect to be done on my bullet journal weekly spread because the space is narrow, which can limit the size of my illustration, or otherwise, I would draw a big one with many details, and that is no meaning to do if I want to make city portrait, I love really these cuties anyway!

Week 4

The fourth week of November, this is definitely a lazy week. I wanted to draw my own character on this page but it failed, I couldn’t fix it and can only put a piece of paper to cover the failure.

From this mistake, I learned something, I don’t need to be so harsh to myself and make every page with illustrations, although I really want to learn and practice, I need rest. I don’t always have ideas to draw, and this break may take me to go further and hope to get a new start again next month, with no regret.

If you like my bullet journal (or you don’t like it), please feel free to give me comments below, I love to hear from you.

Thank you for stopping by!

Enjoy Bullet Journal!

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