G45BrandAmbassador Unboxing #4

Ooh, la la! I’ve just got my Christmas present from Graphic 45 today!

There is the new Graphic 45 collection “Flower Market” in this box, I got the whole collection with the 12×12, 8×8, pattern and solid, chipboard, assortments, flowers, cards and stamps, they are gorgeous.

The papers in the 12×12 are different from last year, they are 24 double-sided 12×12-inch sheets with 2 each of 12 designs, instead of 1 each of 24 designs, so it is super cool to create more freely.

I love the Flower Market stamp, especially the vintage tag and the circle stamp pieces, they are so beautiful.

Another new release is Mon Amour Collection’s Edition, a super beautiful collection I played with years ago. I chose the 8×8 and the chipboard this time, except for making a photo display, I might want to make a romantic planner for myself, ha!

Okay, you may remember that I chose already a whole set of Cafe Parisian in the last unboxing, plus an extra 8×8, but I can’t stop myself to have one more set of this collection because this is my favourite collection so far, I extremely want to have one set just for collecting, not for use, this collection is just too too too beautiful!!!

Background stamps are always good to keep some in your stash, these two sets of background stamps from Grphaic 45 are just perfect, the patterns could be used for mixed media, planners, mini albums and cards, or even good to add on Graphic 45 papers for some extra texture, let me see how can I use them on my next project, hehe!

What else I’ve chosen this time are the Graphic 45 tote and some tags. For the tote, I got one before and this is the second set, I use them to store mainly my Graphic 45 paper packs, so I can easily bring them to the living room, check with the papers and patterns, and then get inspired, the tote bag is strong enough to put more than 20 paper packs!

I love the ivory Graphic 45 tags, they are easy to use and add to my projects, especially the small ones, and the size is perfect to use on mini albums and cards.

Now I’m going to sit on my sofa and enjoy all these beautiful goodies, see you!

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Happy Papercrafting!

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