Oh Christmas Tree Photo Display #G45BrandAmbassador

Hi all, here is a surprise for you today, I brought to you this last-day Christmas project – “Oh Christmas Tree Photo Display” features the Graphic 45 Twas the Night Before Christmas DCE.

This is a Christmas gift for my helper, she worked for my family for over 15 years, and the photos inside the photo display were taken when my girl was small.

I included two small photos inside the Christmas Tree, but you may choose to include one bigger photo, or even put two funny Christmas faces instead of a whole figure.

I have used the 12×12 Twas the Night Before Christmas DCE for the connecting strips as well as the chipboard and stickers, but if you don’t have this pack, you can still use only the 8×8 paper pack and fuzzy cut the beautiful clocks and children.

I love so much the pattern of this collection, especially the one I used on the back of the Christmas Tree, I can display both sides of the tree, and Santa Claus is super cute, how can I skip this!

The most difficult part of this project is adding the outside connecting strips which need to turn the corners, but it would be good if you do it slowly.

Okay, don’t wait and let’s start, please check out the video tutorial below and make your own Oh Christmas Tree.

Graphic 45 Supply List:
Twas the Night Before Christmas 8×8 DCE
Twas the Night Before Christmas 12×12 DCE (optional, I used it for making the connecting strips)
Twas the Night Before Christmas Chipboard
Twas the Night Before Christmas Stickers
Triumphant Red Trim

Other Supplies I used:
1/16″ Chipboard
Snowy-like tiny balls
Snowflakes Decor
Yellow Bow
Toilet Tissue Roll
Crystal Star

Check here for the Oh Christmas Tree Template:

Oh Christmas Tree Photo Display Gallery:

Here is the video tutorial for you:


Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!

Happy Papercrafting!

2 responses to “Oh Christmas Tree Photo Display #G45BrandAmbassador”

  1. I wish they were written instructions, because Video doesn’t really syncing with my brain. But I absolutely love this idea and will try to copy it from the pictures and some of the written instructions that you have. Thank you.


    • I’m glad you love it, sorry that I don’t have written instructions because most of my projects are not easy to drop down in words, especially when using the connecting stripes, so hope that you can follow the video with the captions. Enjoy!


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