Encaustic – A Warmy Afternoon

I did say that encaustic painting is one of my favourite crafts, but I don’t always play with it just because I don’t have space to store them, ha!

What’s the difference I made this encaustic painting is that this is a Christmas gift, I wanted to make one for a special friend, and an encaustic painting is just perfect and unique.

The other difference is that this is not a cup of coffee but a cup of chocolate with marshmallows, it gives out a feeling of a warmy afternoon. Having some dried flowers next to it is like sitting in a garden, having a cup of warm chocolate, and enjoying the Christmas holidays with family.

I love very much using wax seal as the paint in my encaustic painting because it turns out raw and full of texture, which makes every piece of my painting unique, though they are not easy to handle.

Hope you love my encaustic painting and I love to share with you more in the future.

Thank you for stopping by Vin.ta.be!


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