Illustration – Western District City Portrait

Oh, I finally got my city portrait final project done!

It took me a few months to finish, because I only have a iPad Air 2 which is not supporting Apple Pencil, I need to use my girl’s iPad 8 for this, most of the time she need it for homework, I can only do my practice when she is sleeping!

While I was taking the Dometika online course – Colorful City Portraits: Illustrate Your Favorite Place by Alex Foster, I thought I would draw about the town in life, but after I had dinner with my friend in Western District, I changed my mind cause there is a lot of coffee shop and they are extraordinary, I took a few photos and started to practice with them. All the illustrations shown here are drew using iPad Tayasui Sketches.

I chose the most simple restaurant to start with, not many details on this St. Barts restaurant, it is in a small white building with one floor only. I love very much the metal sign in the middle front. I didn’t draw many details and I think this looks good.

The next one I wanted to take a challenge is this High Street Grill, this is quite a large one with a sofa placed in the middle, and vintage black windows surrounded, together with the bricks wall and black lamp, that’s so cool!

I tried to add some people to my illustration but I didn’t know how to start with, so I just drew simple shapes and luckily they look ok.

For the first two I drew free-handed, by starting the third one, I tried to use some more Tayasui Sketches functions – drawing straight lines. I was totally comfortable with using the straight-line function, I can use the lines to form a rectangle and fill in colours and texture.

I like the details in the front of the glass, I wanted to show them off, I finally added quite a lot of layers for the chairs, table and marine decorations. Since there are already a lot of details in the front, then I didn’t anything inside the restaurant but just only the bar table.

As for the second illustration which I didn’t know how to draw people, I went to a bookstore and checked out if there were any children’s books which I want to follow and learn. Luckily I found one and here in this illustration is the first person that I drew after I followed the book, I love this style and I want to try more.

The last one is the most difficult for me because of the rough wall in front of the coffee shop, it’s a challenge for me.

I used a lot of layers to draw the wall, but the result is not really satisfying, it’s a good try for me anyway.

OK, this is the final project that I did submit to the Domestika online course, the seems good but not the fonts, hopefully I can try to write better next time.

Thank you for stopping by!


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