Who am I

My name is Belly, I’m a typical Hong Kong girl (now should say a woman) who started my scrapbooking life 10 years ago, and couldn’t stop ever after.

This is me, Belly

Where I Start

One day, I walked around Central and went into a gift shop. At the corner I saw some albums, I opened one and there were already pre-made decorated inserts. It looked very interesting to me, and this was perfect for the photos of my graduation Europe trip, so I bought it.

A page of my first scrapbook alum

I had never seen this kind of album before, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to start. After finishing a few pages, I found that there were not enough pages, so I looked at the package and saw the word “Scrapbook”, and this was the start of my scrapbooking life.

How I Go

Finding a scrapbook shop is not easy in Hong Kong, I searched online and there was a shop called HK Memory Chest, an upstairs shop located in Sheung Wan.

It just shocked me when I was there, scrapbooking is not just papers and stickers, there were so many other tools and accessories (what should call embellishments in the scrapbooking world).

I like crafting very much, I can name most of the crafts, but scrapbooking was so new to me and it really shocked me. I started looking at those pretty things, bought a few papers and stickers for my album, and made a pretty good page (I think).

A page after I know scrapbooking

Honestly, the shop couldn’t satisfy my shopaholic character, shopping online would then be my favourite, and Scrapbook.com was the first site coming out from my search. You should know what happened then.

Can you see the top left corner?

What the Next

Not only Scrapbook.com, but I also went to Sheung Wan very often.

Not only bought the scrapbooking stuff, I finally bought the shop!!!

It’s my dream, your dream too?

Don’t think this is easy as just buying and selling, there were so many things I had to take care of, that was a disaster for me, especially when my shop assistant told me that she had to be a full-time mum taking care of her daughter, I had to quit my full-time job and look after the shop by myself!

Downsized and moved the shop to another smaller place, opening an online shop to grab sales was the only choice for me at that moment. I did try hard to maintain the business but that’s not the reality, the shop had to be closed finally after two years of business, and I’d lost all my savings.

It’s sad but it’s the truth.

Years later, now I’m glad that I had my dream come true, that’s life, those were good experiences for me, and all these experiences helped me to be the now me.

It was fun and a very good experience for me

Find my Passion

Closing the down business didn’t stop me from scrapbooking.

Before I found a new job, I luckily saw the design team call posts from Graphic 45 and Maya Road, I tried for fun, and then……

My little corner making the projects


I didn’t even think of that and it’s like a dream, is it also your dream?

I’d been busy working with two companies as a design team member, but at the same time, I found my passion for making home decorative mini albums.

Mid-Autumn Festival lantern and a mini-album insert using Graphic 45 paper

During the year, my designs were up to their blogs and social media, I thought I’m at the top of my scrapbooking life, I had a lot of ideas for creating such kind of mini-album, and getting better and better, there were quite a few favourite projects had been made.

See the welcoming page on the Graphic 45 blog here.

Check my projects done for Maya Road here.

Back to Normal

After a busy year, my life backed to normal, I had time to play with what I wanted to do a long time ago, a photo diary.

This is an album system in between a memory planner and a Traveler’s Notebook, or I can call it a journal.

This is fun and lets me mark down a few sentences about what happened when I took the photos.

Start new Journey

10 years, I know what I want and like to do now, I want to keep on going with scrapbooking, this is my passion, and I also want to share with you my projects, my pages, and my crafty world.

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